Our Wedding Date: October 22, 2016

Once upon a time

I'd love to say we met in a forest glade, with fairy folk dancing around us....but the truth is we met in an Irish Pub.  Well, kinda sorta.   We first met online on a dating site and talked for ages.  I was a bit shy....and he wasn't.   The first time we met in person, I was so scared my heart was pounding so loudly I could barely hear anything else.  As we were seated, and started to talk...I just couldn't relax.    I'd never thought I was the shy sort but at age 60, I've been out of the dating game for eons.  I have to meet and greet people all the time in my work, and be relaxed, funny, pleasant, and interesting too.   That day---I was like a big green Gumby--stiff and rubbery and afraid if I moved too far to the left, David would see my orange horse friend Pokey peeking from behind me and be really concerned for his own safety...

photo by Jim McGlone

It wasn't until my daughter, Adrienne actually joined us that I could actually 'be' myself--or more myself.   Dating or starting a relationship in your 60's is not as easy as many might think.  You still have the same insecurities---same worries---even MORE body image concerns....   Let me tell you our trek from Date--Once Upon a Time- towards the altar......Topsy Turvy--Fast and Curvy! And the thought of being a bride in my 60's?   Terrifying!  More later!